And now Southampton too…


southampton the_football_league1

A footnote to last weeks column……this week we were sadly informed that Southampton FC are in administration and as a result will suffer the mandatory ten point penalty.

So another middle sized club starts to go to the wall. It doesn’t seem that long ago that they were beating Manchester United at Wembley does it? The good old days  Bobby Stokes and all that…..Lawrie McMenemy of course was the manager that day. In the last few years Southampton have had some great players wear the red and white stripes. Matt Le Tissier scored some of the most spectacular goals ever seen in the Premiership and of course Newcastle manager – and Toon hero – Alan Shearer first made his name at The Dell…. Mick Channon….. Alan Ball….. Kevin Keegan…..Jim McCalliog…. the names are unforgettable.  Southampton’s  problems probably appear to have stemmed from the move from The Dell to St Marys…how many teams struggle once they shift from their spiritual home??? The Dell – who can forget that sloping grandstand behind the goal!!!

I feel particularly sorry for the Saints though. The Football League are having a double whammy hit at them. As it stands Southampton are likely to be relegated this season to the 1st Division (really the 3rd division!!!). If they survive they have been told that the 10 point penalty will apply this season – thus relegating them. If they are relegated the penalty will apply NEXT season – thus making it harder for them to bounce straight back!!!

Now, how is that in any way fair??? They are in effect being punished twice. Surely the Football League can’t have it both ways? In my view Southampton have gone into administration during the 2008-09 season. As a result they should lose their ten points during the same season.

Once again, an example of the Football League not looking after its member clubs.


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