Sepp Blatter – The Peter Principle at work

I wonder if there is a finer example in the world today of the Peter Principle than FIFA’s President Sepp Blatter?

The Peter Principle of course is the theory that in the work place an employee will rise to his ultimate level of incompetence. Blatter has surely achieved that at FIFA! He started off as Technical Director before progressing to General Secretary and then onto President where he currently remains.

His period as President – ten years now – has seen a catalogue of turnarounds and about faces as he attempts to tinker with the Beautiful Game. Last week though he reached a low point, even for him. Commenting on Christiano Ronaldo’s protracted transfer saga Herr Blatter stated “I’m always in favour to protect the player and if the player wants to leave, let him leave”. Astonishing.

Firstly, what right does he have to comment publicly on Manchester United’s internal affairs? Even as head of FIFA those affairs have nothing to do with him – none of his business whatsoever!

Secondly, this is the head of the game, the biggest sports organisation on the planet, actively encouraging players to break contracts! What kind of anarchy do we have in the game when players are able to break contracts at the drop of a hat? Ronaldo of course signed a FIVE year contract at United in April 2007.

Of course the Ronaldo transfer debacle has clearly clouded Blatters memory. Back in February this year he criticised the Court for Arbitration in Sport for finding in favour of Andy Webster who broke his contract with Hearts to join Wigan in 2006. Blatters comment then was “This decision is damaging for football and a victory for players who toy with rescinding contracts before they have been fulfilled.” So we put the two cases together and what do we have? The FIFA President encouraging Ronaldo to do something that is damaging for football! The Peter Principle at work! Or maybe Blatter favours one set of rules for star players and other rules for the not so famous…..

And its not his first about face on an issue. Remember back in 2000 when Blatter told us “Oceania will have direct qualification for the 2006 world cup” We are still waiting……

Then he caused scandal in half of South America by stating that no world cup match should be played above 2500 metres above sea level because such altitudes are risky for a players health. It’s a shame there are no medical studies backing up that claim! His arbitrary 2500m was later altered to 3000m, yet Blatter has done nothing about conditions at grounds at sea level where players such as Phil O’Donnell, Marc-Vivien Foe & Miklos Feher have died in recent years!

Blatter also felt the ire of womens football officials when he rather chauvinistically came out with the suggestion that women should wear tighter shorts……..

To think that in 2007 he was re-elected unopposed………


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