Nou Camp, Barcelona, Spain

One of the – if not THE – most famous stadiums in the world. Home of FC Barcelona the Camp Nou is a wonderful stadium. “Nou Camp” meansnew ground or new home and derived its name when FC Barcelona moved from Les Corts in 1957. Holding in excess of 100,000 the Nou Camp offers a brilliant view of a wonderful surface. The Nou Camp is not just a football ground though. It is also a basketball stadium a futsal stadium and an ice hockey rink. Barcelona’s motto is “Mes Que Un Club” – More than a Club and they are just that. The club has become the flagship of the Catalan people and its history is littered with great players – from the club founder Joan Gamper to Sandor Kocsis to Cruyff, Maradona, Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Messi and perhaps the greatest of them all Henrik Larsson. The ground itself is breathtaking in size & stature… the museum & exhibition are first class and even the club shop is an experience.

Barca Barca Bar – Ca!!!


4 Responses to Nou Camp, Barcelona, Spain

  1. Colin says:

    The guy who took these pics must have been in the cheap seats 😉

  2. footballthinker says:

    At The Nou Camp…..there are NO cheap seats!!! 😀

  3. Fc Barcelona says:

    Amazing pics of the Nou Camp! Barca is the greatest football club in the world!

  4. anggiaj says:

    Barca is the greatest football club in the world! <– I’m 100% agree with you

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