The English Disease

As if to accentuate the boredom of the premiership. Englands football followers appear to have resorted to their age old, tried and trusted ways of finding entertainment at the football.

Footballs coming home? It is indeed.

Not content with embarrassing themselves in – of all places – Liechtenstein, on the weekend, Englands fans have run riot through the streets of Sunderland in midweek. Nearly 100 fans were arrested as violence flared before the crucial European championship match with Turkey. Not one of them was Turkish. Even I must admit to some surprise here. Europe has long since become accustomed to the English fan creating havoc abroad, but rarely does it happen at home …well not in recent times and certainly not at England internationals.

Ironically Englands recent matches have been somewhat exciting. Who can forget how Australia tore England apart at Upton Park in February? And the Turks are an exciting team to watch as well – finishing 3rd in last years world cup. This tie was great in prospect and indeed proved to be an entertaining match.

Sadly the violence happened inside the ground as well, with fans invading the pitch and attacking Turkish players. On that basis alone you would think that UEFA have no choice but to ensure that England play the rest of their qualifying matches away from home….if they don’t disqualify them altogether.

Rather ironically England have still to travel to Turkey….. to of all places Galatasarays ground (remember that Leeds fans?) Now how many English fans will be brave enough to go there after this weeks events????


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